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Arkeya Installer
Host Program (Windows version) for Current Designs equipment including the 900 series interfaces and all connected fiber optic response devices.


Arkeya is the new USB Host Program for Current Designs' equipment. The program runs on the user's computer and allows communication with the interface in a more active way. Both the interface's firmware and the response devices can be accessed. This program will work seamlessly with the 900 series interfaces including the 904, 905 and 932, and all connected fiber optic response devices. It will also work with the trainer response pads and the trigger adapters. Support for the pre-2009 interfaces--FIU-004/005--will be limited.

With Arkeya you can:

  • Re-flash Current Designs USB devices to upgrade firmware or add new features.
  • Reconfigure the keycode mappings on button boxes.
  • Create individualized modes for operation for the 932 interface, and recall them later.
  • Check the 'health' of optical components in your system.
  • Get useful diagnostic information about your equipment.
  • Override some default hardware settings.
Arkeya is actively being developed, so keep an eye out for additional features. We're releasing the program now in a limited way because it is helpful to some customers. Note especially: There is no separate users manual for this program; instead the program will guide the user through tasks.


You should be able to easily install Arkeya by clicking on the download link above. There is no separate step for driver installation, though you may find that Arkeya does some driver installations of its own the first time you connect devices. When you're running Arkeya, if you change what is connected to your system, click the "Refresh Devices" button to tell Arkeya to take a fresh look at what is connected. If you run into any problems, or if these instructions are unclear, please contact us at
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