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Our newest, most powerful system for fMRI patient response

User-friendly touch screen interface with convenient timestamped event log works with any handheld

The Birch package includes the following items:

  • Birch Interface
  • Power supply and plug adapters
  • Twelve-fiber removable bundle available in 3 lengths
  • Response devices of your choice
  • Standard USB cable (CB-USB-2)
  • Additional cables if needed
  • Optional stand or mount

For more information on each item go to the fORP Components menu.

Birch Interface Features

  • Bright, 7" capacitive touch screen
  • Compact, VESA mountable enclosure
  • Full speed USB output
  • 12-way optical port connects with all Current Designs response devices
  • Automatic handheld identification for most devices
  • Optical and TTL trigger input eliminates the need for a trigger converter box
  • Independently record events and timing
  • Connect to the Internet wirelessly for easy firmware updates


  • The primary output for most users is the full speed USB output which simplifies interfacing to any hardware or program
  • TTL parallel outputs are also available for special interfacing needs and for support of older programs and computers


  • Only one response device can be connected at a time. For two-handed responses, order bimanual response devices. Most devices are automatically recognized and calibrated, which streamlines set up and changing configurations.
  • Both optical and TTL triggers inputs eliminates need for an additional optical-to-TTL trigger converter box.
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