Fiber Optic Bundles

We are pleased to introduced a redesign of our removeable fiber optic bundle. The new smooth-jacketed fiber optic bundle extension (BE- ) will replace the hard-casing fiber optic bundles (BNSC- ) we've offered for over 15 years. The bundles are interchangeable with the same optical connectors.

As always, it connects the response device to the optoelectronic interface unit. It is easily passed through a standard wave guide in the penetration panel and needs no special filtered connectors or complicated installation.

The bundle extensions are available in four standard lengths: 10m (32 ft), 17m (55 ft), 25m (80 ft), and 31m (100 ft), and are slightly more flexible and compact.

Note, we have a few BNSC-55-8 bundles left in stock. Contact us for availability.

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  1. Bundle Extension
    Bundle Extension
    Smooth-jacketed fiber optic bundle extension.
    Both robust and flexible.
    Easily cleaned and more compact.
    12-fibers, works with all interfaces and response devices.
    4 standard lengths available Learn More

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