Single Arm Counter Mount

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Single Arm mount for Birch Interface

Clamps to counter or desktop

Rotates, swivels, and tilts for the best viewing angle

Single Arm mount for Birch Interface. This stand can be used on desks or counters up to 3.3 inches thick using the C-clamp, or 3.5 inches thick with a grommet mount.

This mount is suitable for tight spaces. It rotates 360°, swivels 180°, and tilts -/+45° for the best viewing angle. Its adjustable tension allows the interface to be positioned and repositioned. Integrated cord management hides the power supply for a tidy desktop.

Our Subjective Opinion

This arm is our favorite so far: it provides a good clearance below for the removable bundle and cables to flow downward without requiring sharp bends to clear the desktop. The gas piston makes raising and lowering the interface easy, and all the swivels work smoothly.

Because it mounts on the bench edge you do need to be able to access the edge to install this. If your bench is fixed to wall this might not be possible.

There is a more extreme solution, too: If you can drill a hole in the countertop, you can mount this arm anywhere on the surface, not just at the edge, using the triangular threaded nut shown above. This would make a very good solid attachment but is obviously more "invasive".


The clamp on this is quite easy to use and self explanatory. The mounting plate is attached to the BIRCH-OIU using four 4mm screws, and then this snaps in to the end of the arm. The spring snap is very strong so use a little care not to pinch your finger doing this.

Shop Around!

The Birch optoelectronic interface unit has a VESA 100mm x 100mm mounting hole pattern on its rear surface -- this is an industry standard for mounting flat panel displays so there are a large number of commercially available solutions for this. We offer this one and a few others to try to make ordering convenient, but we also encourage you to shop around as you may find a solution that fits your situation better. You may want to use a search engine with terms like "VESA 100x100 monitor stands, arms, and supports".

These stands tend to be rather heavy and bulky so you can probably also save on shipping costs if you order them locally or even if you shop for them at local retail stores.

Please tell us how this stand works for you or if you find others that you really like. We are on the lookout for new ones and plan to update the choices here. We would especially like to find stands or mounts with little or no magnetic material in them.

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