Driving System

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Fiber optic steering wheel with brake and accelerator pedals for fMRI driving tasks. All plastic construction Compact and adjustable Flywheel provides resistance for more realistic steering


Current Designs' fMRI Driving System is perfect for driving simulation tasks used in the human brain mapping project. It is non-magnetic, non-electronic, and entirely made out of plastic, so will not add noise to the images or raise safety concerns in the MR/MEG room or similarly demanding environments. All-plastic steering wheel and foot pedals with custom mounting arch and brackets to fit specific scanner bed. The wheel base is attached to the arch by a bracket which rotates 90 degrees for distance and angle adjustments of steering apparatus. The steering wheel base has 180 degrees of continuous tilt adjustment allowing precise positioning for a wide range of subject and different levels of mobility. The eight inch steering wheel attached to a plastic-geared flywheel provides resistance to simulate the feel of driving. All plastic construction. The arch design is scaled to match a specific scanner bed, including the size of the bore and the mounting bracket hardware. DRIVE-1 components are in stock but may need customization for you scanner bed. Steering wheel either 7 inches or 8 inches in diameter.


These components connect to an FIU-932 interface through a 12 fiber bundle. The interface will appear as an HID game controller with 3 axes. The output can be checked most easily using a generic game controller diagnostic program (e.g., the windows game controller control panel). It has been used successfully with several driving simulators.


• Requires 932 Interface and 12 fiber bundle
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