Steering Wheel System


Steering Wheel System

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Complete stand alone Steering Wheel System for fMRI
All plastic construction
Compact and adjustable
Flywheel provides resistance
Complete fMRI steering wheel driving system including: an electronic interface, fiber-optic bundle, and all-plastic steering wheel, with custom mounting arch to fit specific scanner bed. The wheel base is attached to the arch by a bracket which rotates 90 degrees for distance and angle adjustments of steering apparatus. The steering wheel base has 180 degrees of continuous tilt adjustment allowing precise positioning for a wide range of subject and different levels of mobility. The eight inch steering wheel attached to a plastic-geared flywheel provides resistance to simulate the feel of driving.

All plastic construction.
Custom arch design to match a specific scanner bed, including the size of the bore and the mounting bracket hardware.
Steering wheel 8 inches in diameter.
Unlike Current Designs' other equipment, the Steering Wheel is a complete system and is not interchangeable with other equipment.

The Foot Pedals System works along side the Steering Wheel to create a complete driving system.

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