FIU-932: Rear Panel Connections

P1: DC Power Input

This input should only be used with the power supply provided: PS-932-6V-INT.
The 6V regulated power supply for FIU-932 is CE marked and includes four plugs for US/ Japan, EU, UK and Australia.

P2: Auxillary Functions - Serial and TTL Outputs

This port contains the TTL and serial output signals.
  • For the serial output, use cable CB-932-SER-1.
  • For use with a parallel port, use cable CB-932-PAR-1.
    It is 36 pin MDR type connector. An example mating connector is made by 3M and listed as model number 3M 10136-3000PE.

    P3: USB outputs

    For most users this is the main data output port.

    It is connected to the host computer using a commonly available USB cable (5 pin mini-USB to USB).

    P4: Optical Trigger Input

    This port accepts optical trigger signals such as those produced on some Siemens MR scanners. It uses an Agilent HFBR connector.
    Use with cable HFBR-RNS010Z.

    P5: Optical Port

    This port connects to a Current Designs removable fiber optic bundle or directly to an optical handheld device.

    It has 12 optical pins: 4 transmitting and 8 receiving.

    P6: TTL Trigger input

    This connector accepts TTL trigger signals. Triggers are detected on low-to-high (positive-going) edges; there is no minimum pulse width.
    Use with cable CB-SMB-BNC-1.