932 Interface unit + Legacy Joystick

Below, you can find instruction on how to calibrate the Legacy Joystick with a 932 interface unit.

  • With all your optics connected the way you intend to use them (Joystick and removable fiber optic bundle), power-up your 932 interface unit.

  • From the root menu choose "Manual Config"

  • Scroll down to the "Legacy-Joy" mode, but DO NOT select it yet.

  • Before, selecting the "Legacy-JOY" mode, press and hold down BOTH Joystick buttons, at the same time. You will need to press and hold down both buttons during the remainder of this process.

  • With both Joystick buttons pressed down, now select the "Legacy-JOY" mode with the shaft encoder.

  • Select the output you would like to use from the list displayed (USB, Serial, etc.), still while pressing both buttons.

  • Next select the Joystick mode you would like to use from the list (HID JOYSTICK, HID JOY COMP, etc.), still while pressing both buttons.

  • The 932 interface should now display "CONFIGURING.....". It is most important that you continue to press and hold down the Joystick buttons during this "CONFIGURING" process. During this step, the 932 interface is setting the button gains.

  • Once the 932 interface exits the "CONFIGURING" process and displays the Legacy Joystick mode, you can release the two Joystick buttons. You should now be able to use your legacy Joystick.

  • If you continue to experience difficulties, please contact support@curdes.com