Identifying a Legacy response device

The best way to know if you are using a "Legacy" hand-held device is by its model number (m/n). The model number can usually be found on a small white label affixed to the bottom of the hand-held device. If your model number looks something like this: "HH-_x_-_" , then you are probably using a legacy response device. Anything with a model number beginning with "HHSC" does not qualify as a legacy response device.

Physically you can identify your hand-held as a Legacy device by its fiber-cable. Legacy device's have woven fiber cables, while HHSC, or 900 series, response devices have shiny plastic fiber-cables.

Finally, if you purchased your response device prior to 2009, chances are you have a Legacy series response device.

Calibrating your Legacy response device

When using a legacy response device with your 932 interface unit, first, you must make sure to calibrate it using the 932's Legacy HH gain calibration mode (Mode 800).

You can find detailed instructions on how to use mode 800 HERE.

FIU-005 Mode

If you are still unable to calibrate your Legacy hand-held using mode 800, then you can try using mode FIU-005. Mode FIU-005 sets your 932 interface's gains to its maximum value. You should use the FIU-005 mode only as a second option to mode 800, as you will obtain the best and most stable results when the specific optic of your hand-held are calibrated with the 932.

With your optics (i.e. hand-held and fiber-optic bundle) connected in the way you would like to use it, and your 932 interface connected to the control computer, power-up your 932 interface. Press the shaft encoder and select "YES" when asked to change modes. Once in the root menu view, select "Manual Config". Then select "FIU-005" from the menu list. You should find the FIU-005 option towards the end of the list.

If you have any difficulty, please feel free to contact: