Focus on: FIU-932

Introduced in 2009, the FIU-932 (fORP Interface Unit) is the center of the light-based computer response systems developed at Current Designs.

More Optical Information

The 932 measures light inputs continuously, not only watching for light flux to cross thresholds, but rating the "health" of the attached devices by comparing insertion losses to values based on our accumulated records. This can help reduce downtime by warning users when it might be time to check their equipment, especially when the 932 is used in conjunction with Arkeya (our recently released diagnostic and configuration software).

Custom Cables

The MDR-36 connector provides legacy parallel and serial outputs but for many customers what makes it really shine is the capacity it provides for custom outputs, such as direct analog force signals and special synchronizing signals.

New Response Devices

The 932 interface has made better response devices possible including the redesigned trackball, joystick and five button response grip.

What's New: Pyka

Introducing Pyka, our newest response device. Finally, we have a great five-button response box. It's been designed to be easy to hold and easy to use.

Key Features:

1. Simple shape that's ergonomic to grip.
2. Cupped buttons to position finger tips.
3. Buttons springs are easy to push, for thumb to pinky responses.
4. Ambidextrous design for either hand.
5. Natural hand position for holding on or next to the thigh, or resting on the chest.

Pyka Product Page
Pyka Technical Notes Page

Download a printable PDF: Fall 2012 Support Bulletin