Our 900 series fORP systems include all the same familiar features of our FIU-004/FIU-005, but have many new improvements that will facilitate both use and support, while providing enhanced performance. Although we will still continue to provide support to the users of the FIU-004/005 system, we recommend that you consider upgrading your system, especially if it is 5+ years old.


At the heart of the 900 series fORP systems are the fORP interface units:
  • The 904 interface unit for use with our 2 to 4 button 900 series response devices.
  • The 905 interface unit for use with our 5 button 900 series response devices.
  • The 932 interface unit for use with ALL our 900 series response devices and our legacy response devices.

905 and 904


  • Faster everything - Improved responsiveness and better timing.
  • 10-bit data is transmitted from the 932 interface, compared to 8-bit data from the FIU-004/5.

  • The 932 interface includes a bright display with easy to manage menus.
  • Previously made selections on the 932 interface are stored and become active after subsequent power-ups.
  • The 904 and 905 interfaces are low cost and easy to set up options.

932 Close Up

  • One of the most powerful improvements is auto-gain calibration. This allows them to adapt to changing configurations and devices.
  • Hand-held interchangeability facilitates use in multi-scanner environments.
  • There is no longer a need to send your interface unit back and forth to us when purchasing a new hand-held, or repairing an existing hand-held.
  • Our 932 interface is compatible with all our 900 series hand-helds and our legacy hand-helds. This means when upgrading, you can still continue to use some of your existing hand-helds with the 932 interface.
  • Troubleshooting can be done by phone more easily. This saves on shipping costs and down-time.
  • Firmware upgrades are done by e-mail.

Please contact sales@curdes.com for special upgrade discounts and for more information.