• Choose from 24 response devices for functional MRI.
  • The newest addition: Pyka five button response pad which rests comfortably in either hand.
  • One system to handle all your needs.

Fiber optic response devices for fMRI and MEG

Handheld computer button boxes, joysticks and trackballs used in human brain mapping tasks.
Completely non-magnetic, non-electronic, and all plastic.
Will not add noise to the images or raise safety concerns.

fORP interfaces with a range of capabilities

The 900 series computer interfaces offer a range of capabilities and prices.
The 932 provides all the serial and parallel outputs our products always have.
The 904 and 905 systems have many of the same features in a more compact package.

Recently Published Citations

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Motor and mental training in older people: Transfer, interference, and associated functional neural responses
Read in   Neuropsychologia (Volume 89, August 2016, 371-77)
C. J. Boraxbekk, Filip Hagkvist, Philip Lindner

Neural Correlates of Fear of Movement in Patients with Chronic Low Back Pain vs. Pain-Free Individuals
Read in   Frontiers in Human Neuroscience (July 26, 2016)
Michael L. Meier, Philipp Stämpfli, Andrea Vrana, Barry K. Humphreys, Erich Seifritz, Sabina Hotz-Boendermaker

Motor sequence learning in the elderly: differential activity patterns as a function of hand modality
Read in   Brain Imaging and Behavior (Available online July 21, 2016)
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Package 904


The Package 904 is specially priced: US$2,088.90 with a 2-button response pad, US$2,286.90 with a 4-button response pad.

Package 905


The Package 905 is also specially priced: US$3,296.25 with a 5-button response box A quick way to get started with five responses

Package 932


The Package 932 simplifies ordering with a list of everything that's needed. Compare handheld devices, bundles and cables