• Choose from 24 response devices for functional MRI.
  • One system to handle all your needs.
  • The newest addition: Pyka five button response pad which rests comfortably in either hand.

Fiber optic response devices for fMRI and MEG

Handheld computer button boxes, joysticks and trackballs used in human brain mapping tasks.
Completely non-magnetic, non-electronic, and all plastic.
Will not add noise to the images or raise safety concerns.

fORP interfaces with a range of capabilities

The 900 series computer interfaces offer a range of capabilities and prices.
The 932 provides all the serial and parallel outputs our products always have.
The 904 and 905 systems have many of the same features in a more compact package.

Recently Published Citations

Modulating Rest-break Length Induces Differential Recruitment of Automatic and Controlled Attentional Processes upon Task Reengagement
Read in  NeuroImage (Volume 134, 1 July 2016, 64–73)
Julian Lim, James Teng, Kian Foong Wong, Michael W.L. Chee

Behavioral and neuroimaging changes after naming therapy for semantic variant primary progressive aphasia
Read in  Neuropsychologia (Available online June 11, 2016)
Regina Jokel, Aneta Kielar, Nicole D. Anderson, Sandra E. Black, Elizabeth Rochon, Simon Graham, Morris Freedman, David F. Tang-Wai

Modulation of Auditory Spatial Attention by Angry Prosody: An fMRI Auditory Dot-Probe Study
Read in Frontiers in Neuroscience (online May 12, 2016)
Leonardo Ceravolo, Sascha Frühholz, Didier Grandjean

Dorsal Premotor Activity and Connectivity Relate to Action Selection Performance after Stroke
Read in  Human Brain Mapping (Volume 37, Issue 5, May 2016, 1816–1830)
Jill Campbell Stewart, Pritha Dewanjee, Umar Shariff, Steven C. Cramer

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Package 904


The Package 904 is specially priced: US$2,088.90 with a 2-button response pad, US$2,286.90 with a 4-button response pad.

Package 905


The Package 905 is also specially priced: US$3,296.25 with a 5-button response box A quick way to get started with five responses

Package 932


The Package 932 simplifies ordering with a list of everything that's needed. Compare handheld devices, bundles and cables