Custom Response Devices

In the past 20 years Current Designs has made hundreds of custom computer response devices for Functional MRI and MEG to allow researchers to perform unique research tasks. With the expanded optical processing capabilities of the 932 electronic interface, much more sophisticated devices are possible. Using our integrated CNC machine shop and design studio, we've developing a range of buttons and levers, for a variety of hand and finger sizes, and different levels of dexterity.

They work with the standard 900 series interfaces and removable bundles, so can be ordered along with a standard configuration. Pricing is similar to our standard button boxes and pointing devices. Delivery is usually around 6 weeks, and sometimes sooner, depending on how many custom projects are scheduled.

As with all our fiber optic computer response devices, there is no metal and nothing magnetic in the magnet room. Contact us to order a custom response device.

Some Examples


Dial w/ No Detents


2 Thumb Buttons


Cupped Buttons


Index Finger Slider


5 Buttons w/ Side Thumb


Single Lever Button


3 Levers


Slider w/ No Return


8 Big Buttons


Custom Enclosure


Slider w/ Strong Return


Slider w/ 2 Buttons



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