Recent publications which reference Current Designs' response devices

Excessive left anterior hippocampal and caudate activation in schizophrenia underlie cognitive underperformance in a virtual navigation task
Read in   Psychiatry Research: Neuroimaging (Volume 341, July 2024), 111826.
John A. Zawadzki, Todd A. Girard, James Samsom, George Foussias, Ishraq Siddiqui, Jason P. Lerch, Cheryl Grady, Albert H.C. Wong

Neural correlates of individual differences in multimodal emotion recognition ability
Read in   Cortex ( Volume 175, June 2024), 1-11.
Petri Laukka, Kristoffer N.T. Månsson, Diana S. Cortes, Amirhossein Manzouri, Andreas Frick, William Fredborg, Håkan Fischer

Roles of the Default Mode Network in Different Aspects of Self-representation When Remembering Social Autobiographical Memories
Read in   Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience (Volume 36 (6) June 2024) 1021-36.
Azusa Katsumi, Saeko Iwata, Takashi Tsukiura

Perception and Memory Reinstatement Engage Overlapping Face-Selective Regions within Human Ventral Temporal Cortex
Read in   Journal of Neuroscience (Volume 44 (22), May 29 2024).
Yvonne Y. Chen, Aruni Areti, Daniel Yoshor, Brett L. Foster

Value Estimation versus Effort Mobilization: A General Dissociation between Ventromedial and Dorsomedial Prefrontal Cortex
Read in   Journal of Neuroscience ( Volume 44, Issue 17, April 24 2024).
Nicolas Clairis, Mathias Pessiglione

Transcranial focused ultrasound of the amygdala modulates fear network activation and connectivity
Read in   Brain Stimulation ( Volume 17, Issue 2, March–April 2024), 312-20.
Tina Chou, Thilo Deckersbach, Bastien Guerin, Karianne Sretavan Wong, Benjamin M. Borron, Anish Kanabar, Ashley N. Hayden, Marina P. Long, Mohammad Daneshzand, Edward F. Pace-Schott, Darin D. Dougherty

Parafoveal vision reveals qualitative differences between fusiform face area and parahippocampal place area
Read in   Human Brain Mapping (February 21, 2024)
Olga Kreichman, Sharon Gilaie-Dotan

Heartbeat-evoked neural response abnormalities in generalized anxiety disorder during peripheral adrenergic stimulation
Read in   Neuropsychopharmacology (January 30, 2024).
Charles Verdonk, Adam R. Teed, Evan J. White, Xi Ren, Jennifer L. Stewart, Martin P. Paulus, Sahib S. Khalsa

Acute stress reduces effortful prosocial behaviour
Read in   eLife (January 5, 2024).
Paul AG Forbes, Gökhan Aydogan, Julia Braunstein, Boryana Todorova, Isabella C Wagner, Patricia L Lockwood, Matthew AJ Apps, Christian, Ruff Claus Lamm

Inability to move one's face dampens facial expression perception
Read in   Cortex (Volume 169, December 2023), 35-49.
Shruti Japee, Jessica Jordan, Judith Licht, Savannah Lokey, Moebius Syndrome Research Consortium, Gang Chen, Joseph Snow, Ethylin Wang Jabs, Bryn D. Webb, Elizabeth C. Engle, Irini Manoli, Chris Baker, Leslie G. Ungerleider

Distinct patterns of connectivity between brain regions underlie the intra-modal and cross-modal value-driven modulations of the visual cortex
Read in   Journal of Neuroscience (8 September 2023).
Jessica Emily Antono, Shilpa Dang, Ryszard Auksztulewicz and Arezoo Pooresmaeili

Preserved Metacognition for Undetected Visuomotor Deviations
Read in   Journal of Neuroscience (Volume 43:35, 30 August 2023) 6176-84
Michael Pereira, Rafal Skiba, Yann Cojan, Patrik Vuilleumier, Indrit Bègue

Task and Resting-State Functional Connectivity Predict Driving Violations
Read in   Brain Sciences (Volume 13, August 2023, Issue 9).
Uijong Ju

Eye movements during phasic versus tonic rapid eye movement sleep are biomarkers of dissociable electroencephalogram processes for the consolidation of novel problem-solving skills
Read in   Sleep (Volume 46, Issue 8, August 2023)151.
Nicholas H van den Berg, Aaron Gibbings, Daniel Baena, Alyssa Pozzobon, Julia Al-Kuwatli, Laura B Ray, Stuart M Fogel

Multi-session tDCS paired with passive mobilisation of the thumb modulates thalamo-cortical coupling during command following in the healthy brain
Read in   NeuroImage (Volume 274, 1 July 2023) 120145
Davide Aloi, Roya Jalali, Sara Calzolari, Melanie Lafanechere, R. Chris Miall, Davinia Fernández-Espejo

Nicotine dependence and insula subregions: functional connectivity and cue-induced activation
Read in   Neuropsychopharmacology (Volume 48, May 2023), 936-45.
Dara G. Ghahremani, Jean-Baptiste F. Pochon, Maylen Perez Diaz, Rachel F. Tyndale, Andy C. Dea, Edythe D. London

An event-based magnetoencephalography study of simulated driving: Establishing a novel paradigm to probe the dynamic interplay of executive and motor function
Read in   Human Brain Mapping (Volume 44, 5, April 1, 2023) 2109-21)
Elizabeth A. Walshe, Timothy P. L. Roberts, Chelsea Ward McIntosh, Flaura K. Winston, Dan Romer, William Gaetz

Early motor skill acquisition in healthy older adults: brain correlates of the learning process
Read in   Cerebral Cortex (14 March 2023)
Manon Durand-Ruel, Chang-hyun Park, Maëva Moyne, Pablo Maceira-Elvira, Takuya Morishita, Friedhelm C Hummel

Anhedonia in Relation to Reward and Effort Learning in Young People with Depression Symptoms
Read in   Brain Sciences (Volume 13:2 February 2023), 341.
Anna-Lena Frey, M. Siyabend Kaya, Irina Adeniyi, Ciara McCabe

How songs from growing up and viewers' attachment styles affect video ads' effectiveness
Read in   Psychology & Marketing (Volume 40,1, January 2023) 209-33.
Carlos J. S. Lourenço, Giuliana Isabella, Willem Verbeke, Khoi Vo, Angelika Dimoka, Richard P. Bagozzi

Protective effect of aerobic fitness on the detrimental influence of exhaustive exercise on information processing capacity Author links open overlay panel
Read in   Psychology of Sport and Exercise (Volume 64, January 2023, 102301)
Chun-Hao Wang, Nicholas Baumgartner, Christian Nagy, Hao-Lun Fu, Cheng-Ta Yang, Shih-Chun Kao

Similarity in activity and laterality patterns in the angular gyrus during autobiographical memory retrieval and self-referential processing
Read in   Brain Structure and Function (Volume 228, 2023, 219–38)
Tamar Mizrahi, Vadim Axelrod

Hyperthymic temperament predicts neural responsiveness for monetary reward
Read in  Journal of Affective Disorders (Volume 320, 1 January 2023, 674-81)
Yukiko Ogura, Yumi Wakatsuki, Naoki Hashimoto, Tamaki Miyamoto, Yukiei Nakai, Atsuhito Toyomaki, Yukio Tsuchida, Shin Nakagawa, Takeshi Inoue, Ichiro Kusumi

An fMRI intervention study of creative mathematical reasoning: behavioral and brain effects across different levels of cognitive ability
Read in   Trends in Neuroscience and Education (Volume 29, December 2022, 100193)
Linnea Karlsson Wirebring, Carola Wiklund-Hörnqvist, Sara Stillesjö, Carina Granberg, Johan Lithner, Micael Andersson, Lars Nyberg, Bert Jonsson

Generalizing the control architecture of the lateral prefrontal cortex
Read in   Neurobiology of Learning and Memory (Volume 195, November 2022, 107688)
McKinney Pitts, Derek Evan Nee

Age-related differences in problem-solving skills: Reduced benefit of sleep for memory trace consolidation
Read in   Neurobiology of Aging (Volume 116, August 2022, 55-66)
Balmeet Toor, Nicholas van den Berg, Zhuo Fang, Alyssa Pozzobon, Laura B. Ray, Stuart M. Fogel

The effects of oxytocin and vasopressin administration on fathers’ neural responses to infant crying: A randomized controlled within-subject study
Read in   Psychoneuroendocrinology (Volume 140, June 2022, 105731)
Annemieke M. Witte, Madelon M.E. Riem, N. van der Knaap, Marleen H.M. de Moor, Marinus H.van IJzendoorn, Marian J. Bakermans-Kranenburg

Neural Mechanisms of Perceiving and Subsequently Recollecting Emotional Facial Expressions in Young and Older Adults
Read in   Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience (Volume 34:7, June 2022, 1183–204)
Reina Izumika, Roberto Cabeza, Takashi Tsukiura

Person-specific connectivity mapping uncovers differences of bilingual language experience on brain bases of attention in children
Read in   Brain and Language (Volume 227, April 2022, 105084)
Maria M. Arredondo, Ioulia Kovelman, Teresa Satterfield, Xiaosu Hu, Lara Stojanov, Adriene M. Beltz

Distinct Neural Profiles of Frontoparietal Networks in Boys with ADHD and Boys with Persistent Depressive Disorder
Read in   Cognitive, Affective, & Behavioral Neuroscience (March 29, 2022)
Veronika Vilgis, Debbie Yee, Tim J. Silk, Alasdair Vance

In search of a naturalistic neuroimaging approach: Exploration of general feasibility through the case of VR-fMRI and application in the domain of episodic memory
Read in   Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews (Volume 133, February 2022, 104499)
Diane Lenormand,Pascale Piolino

Acute exercise effects on inhibitory control and the pupillary response in young adults
Read in   International Journal of Psychophysiology (Volume 170, December 2021, 218-28)
Tatsuya T. Shigeta, Timothy P. Morris, Donovan H. Henry, Aaron Kucyi, Peter Bex, Arthur F. Kramer, Charles H. Hillman

Sensitivity limitations of high-resolution perfusion-based human fMRI at 7 Tesla
Read in   Magnetic Resonance Imaging (Volume 84, December 2021, 135-44)
Jacco A. de Zwart, Peter van Gelderen, Jeff H. Duyn

Differential effects of long-term aerobic versus cognitively-engaging physical activity on children’s visuospatial working memory related brain activation: A cluster RCT
Read in   Brain and Cognition (Volume 155, December 2021, 105812)
A.G.M. de Bruijn, I. M. J. van der Fels, R. J. Renken, M. Königs, A. Meijer, J. Oosterlaan, D. D. N. M. Kostons, C. Visscher, R. J. Bosker, J. Smith, E. Hartman

Neural correlates of the production effect: An fMRI study
Read in   Brain and Cognition (Volume 152, August 2021, 105757)
Lyam M. Bailey, Glen E. Bodner, Heath E. Matheson, Brandie M. Stewart, Kyle Roddick, Kiera O'Neil, Maria Simmons, Angela M. Lambert, Olave E.Krigolson, Aaron J. Newman, Jonathan M. Fawcett

Nociceptive stress interferes with neural processing of cognitive stimuli in Gulf War Veterans with chronic musculoskeletal pain
Read in   Life Sciences (Volume 279, 15 August 2021, 119653)
Jacob B. Lindheimer, Aaron J. Stegner, Stephanie M. Van Riper, Jacob V. Ninneman, Laura D. Ellingson, Dane B. Cook

Subclinical depression and anxiety impact verbal memory functioning differently in men and women —an fMRI study Author links open overlay panel
Read in   Journal of Psychiatric Research (Volume 140, August 2021, 308-15)
Gildas Brébion, Christian Núñez, Federica Lombardini, Carl Seniord, Ana María Sánchez Laforga, Sara Siddi, Judith Usall, Christian Stephan-Otto

Respiratory, cardiac, EEG, BOLD signals and functional connectivity over multiple microsleep episodes
Read in   NeuroImage (Volume 237, 15 August 2021, 118129)
Chun Siong Soon, Ksenia Vinogradova, Ju Lynn Ong, Vince D. Calhoun, Thomas Liu, Juan Helen Zhou, Kwun Kei Nga, Michael W. L. Chee

Cortisol effects on brain functional connectivity during emotion processing in women with depression
Read in   Journal of Affective Disorders (Volume 287, 15 May 2021, 247-254)
Charlene N. Rivera-Bonet, Rasmus M. Birn, Charlotte O. Ladd, Mary E. Meyerand, Heather C. Abercrombie

Relationships between gross motor skills, cardiovascular fitness, and visuospatial working memory-related brain activation in 8- to 10-year-old children
Read in  Cognitive, Affective, & Behavioral Neuroscience (Volume 20, 842–858)
Irene M. J. van der Fels, A. G. M. de Bruijn, R. J. Renken, M. Königs, A. Meijer, J. Oosterlaan, D. D. N. M. Kostons, C. Visscher, R. J. Bosker, J. Smith, E. Hartman

Reproducibility of the lateralization index in functional magnetic resonance imaging across language tasks
Read in  Journal of Neurolinguistics (Volume 57, February 2021)
Kayako Matsuo, Kenta Kono, Kazutaka Shimoda, Yasushi Kaji,Kazufumi Akiyama

Neural signatures of inhibitory control in intra-sentential code-switching: Evidence from fMRI
Read in  Journal of Neurolinguistics (Volume 57, February 2021)
Eleonora Rossi, Paola E. Dussias, Michele Diaz, Janet G. van Hell, Sharlene Newman

Impaired error awareness in healthy older adults: an age group comparison study
Read in  Neurobiology of Aging (Volume 96, December 2020, 58-67)
Joyce Sim Felicity, L. Brow. Redmond, G. O’Connell, Robert Hester

Relationships between gross motor skills, cardiovascular fitness, and visuospatial working memory-related brain activation in 8- to 10-year-old children
Read in  Cognitive, Affective, & Behavioral Neuroscience (Volume 20, 842–858)
Irene M. J. van der Fels, A. G. M. de Bruijn, R. J. Renken, M. Königs, A. Meijer, J. Oosterlaan, D. D. N. M. Kostons, C. Visscher, R. J. Bosker, J. Smith, E. Hartman

Neural mechanisms underlying concurrent listening of simultaneous speech
Read in  Brain Research (Volume 1738, July 2020, 146821)
Natasha Yuriko, Santos Kawata, Teruo Hashimoto, Ryuta Kawashima

The neural bases of cognitive emotion regulation: The roles of strategy and intensity
Read in   Cognitive, Affective, & Behavioral Neuroscience (Volume 20, April 2020, 387–407)
Craig A. Moodie, Gaurav Suri, Dustin S. Goerlitz, Maria A. Mateen, Gal Sheppes, Kateri McRae, Shreya Lakhan-Pal, Ravi Thiruchselvam, James J. Gross

Effects of galvanic vestibular stimulation on resting state brain activity in patients with bilateral vestibulopathy
Read in  Human Brain Mapping (Volume 41, 2020, 2527-2547)
Christoph Helmchen, Björn Machner, Matthias Rother, Peer Spliethoff, Martin Göttlich, Andreas Sprenger

Quantitative models reveal the organization of diverse cognitive functions in the brain
Read in  Nature Communications (Volume 11, March 2020, article 1142)
Tomoya Nakai, Shinji Nishimoto

The disengaging brain: Dynamic transitions from cognitive engagement and alcoholism risk
Read in  NeuroImage (Volume 209, 1 April 2020)
Enrico Amico, Mario Dzemidzic, Brandon G. Oberlin, Claire R. Carron, Jaroslaw Harezlak, Joaquín Goñi, David A. Kareken

Anterior insula activity and the effect of agency on the Stimulus‐Preceding Negativity
Read in  Psychophysiology (Online 22 January 2020)
Steven A. Hackley, Takahiro Hirao, Keiichi Onoda, Keiko Ogawa, Hiroaki Masaki

Role of beta-band resting-state functional connectivity as a predictor of motor learning ability
Read in  NeuroImage (Online 20 January 2020)
Hisato Sugata, Kazuhiro Yagi, Shogo Yazawa, Yasunori Nagase, Kazuhito Tsuruta, Takashi Ikeda, Ippei Nojima, Masayuki Hara, Kojiro Matsushita, Kenji Kawakami, Keisuke Kawakami

Right-hemispheric Dominance in Self-body Recognition is Altered in Left-handed Individuals
Read in  Neuroscience (Volume 425, 15 January 2020, 68-89)
Tomoyo Morita, Minoru Asada, Eiichi Naito

Large-scale Functional Integration, Rather than Functional Dissociation along Dorsal and Ventral Streams, Underlies Visual Perception and Action
Read in  Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience (Online 14 January 2020)
Dipanjan Ray, Nilambari Hajare, Dipanjan Roy, Arpan Banerjee

The role of demographic similarity in people's decision to interact with online anthropomorphic recommendation agents: Evidence from a functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) study
Read in  International Journal of Human-Computer Studies (Volume 133, January 2020, 56-70)
Izak Benbasat, Angelika Dimoka, Paul A. Pavlou, Lingyun Qiu

Fathers today: design of a randomized controlled trial examining the role of oxytocin and vasopressin in behavioral and neural responses to infant signals
Read in  BMC Psychology (Online 16 December 2019)
Annemieke M. Witte, Marleen H. M. de Moor, Marinus H. van IJzendoorn, Marian J. Bakermans-Kranenburg

Subjective Uncontrollability over Aversive Events Reduces Working Memory Performance and Related Large-Scale Network Interactions
Read in  Cerebral Cortex (Online 14 December 2019)
Nadine Wanke, Lars Schwabe

Influence of pain anticipation on brain activity and pain perception in Gulf War Veterans with chronic musculoskeletal pain
Read in  Psychophysiology (Volume 56, Issue 12, December 2019)
Jacob B. Lindheimer, Aaron J. Stegner, Laura D. Ellingson‐Sayen, Stephanie M. Van Riper, Ryan J. Dougherty, Michael J. Falvo, Dane B. Cook

Pace yourself: Neural activation and connectivity changes over time vary by task type and pacing
Read in  Brain and Cognition (Volume 137, December 2019)
James Teng, Stijn A. A. Massar, Jesisca Tandi, Julian Lim

Negative life experiences contribute to racial differences in the neural response to threat
Read in  NeuroImage (Volume 202, 15 November 2019)
Nathaniel G. Harnett, Muriah D. Wheelock, Kimberly H. Wood, Adam M. Goodman, Sylvie Mrug, Marc N. Elliott, Mark A. Schuster, Susan Tortolero, David C. Knight

Emotional learning promotes perceptual predictions by remodeling stimulus representation in visual cortex
Read in  Scientific Reports (Online 14 November 2019)
E. Meaux, V. Sterpenich, P. Vuilleumier

Musical imagery depends upon coordination of auditory and sensorimotor brain activity
Read in  Scientific Reports (Online 14 November 2019)
Rebecca W. Gelding, William F. Thompson, Blake W. Johnson

Involvement of human left frontoparietal cortices in neural processes associated with task-switching between two sequences of skilled finger movements
Read in  Brain Research (Volume 1722, 1 November 2019)
Shintaro Uehara, Nobuaki Mizuguchi, Satoshi Hirose, Shinji Yamamoto, Eiichi Naito

Older adults exhibit a more pronounced modulation of beta oscillations when performing sustained and dynamic handgrips
Read in  NeuroImage (Volume 201, 1 November 2019)
Alba Xifra-Porxas, Guiomar Niso, Sara Larivière, Michalis Kassinopoulos, Sylvain Baillet, Georgios D. Mitsis, Marie-Hélène Boudrias

Default mode and visual network activity in an attention task: Direct measurement with intracranial EEG
Read in  NeuroImage (Volume 201, 1 November 2019)
Christoph Helmchen, Matthias Rother, Peer Spliethoff, Andreas Sprenger

Fear conditioning and extinction in anxious youth, offspring at-risk for anxiety and healthy comparisons: An fMRI study
Read in  Biological Psychology (Volume 148, November 2019)
Mélissa Chauret, Sabrina Suffren, Daniel S. Pine, Marouane Nassim, Dave Saint-Amour, Françoise S. Maheu

Increased brain responsivity to galvanic vestibular stimulation in bilateral vestibular failure
Read in  NeuroImage: Clinical (Volume 24, 2019)
Jiajia Li, Sharif I.Kronemer, Wendy X.Herman, Hunki Kwon, Jun Hwan Ryu, Christopher Micek, Ying Wu, Jason Gerrard, Dennis D. Spencer, Hal Blumenfeld

Regulation of action selection based on metacognition in humans via a ventral and dorsal medial prefrontal cortical network
Read in  Cortex (Volume 119, October 2019, 336-349)
Shoko Yuki, Hironori Nakatani, Tomoya Nakaia, Kazuo Okanoya, Ryosuke O. Tachibana

Coming off cannabis: a cognitive and magnetic resonance imaging study in patients with multiple sclerosis
Read in  Brain (Volume 142, Issue 9, September 2019, 2800–2812)
Anthony Feinstein, Cecilia Meza, Cristiana Stefan, Richard W. Staines

Time-dependent motor memory representations in prefrontal cortex
Read in  NeuroImage (Volume 197, 15 August 2019, 143-155)
Lisa C. Dandolo, Lars Schwabe

Response-level processing during visual feature search: Effects of frontoparietal activation and adult age
Read in  Attention, Perception, & Psychophysics (Online 2 August 2019)
David J. Madden, Rachel E. Siciliano, Catherine W. Tallman, Zachary A. Monge, Andreas Voss & Jessica R. Cohen

Bilingual effects on lexical selection: A neurodevelopmental perspective
Read in  Brain and Language (Volume 195, August 2019)
Maria M. Arredondo, Xiao-Su Huc, Teresa Satterfield, Akemi Tsutsumi Riobóoc, Susan A. Gelman, Ioulia Kovelman

Differential parietal activations for spatial remapping and saccadic control in a visual memory task
Read in  Neuropsychologia (Volume 131, August 2019, 129-138)
Jordan E. Pierce, Arnaud Saj, Patrik Vuilleumier

Shared neural underpinnings of multisensory integration and trial-by-trial perceptual recalibration in humans
Read in  eLife (Online 27 June 2019)
Hame Park, Christoph Kayser

Widespread and lateralized social brain activity for processing dynamic facial expressions
Read in  Human Brain Mapping (Online 14 May 2019)
Wataru Sato, Takanori Kochiyama, Shota Uono, Reiko Sawada, Yasutaka Kubota, Sayaka Yoshimura, Motomi Toichi

Brain Activity Related to Sound Symbolism: Cross-modal Effect of an Aurally Presented Phoneme on Judgment of Size
Read in  Scientific Reports, Nature Publisher Group (Volume 9, May 2019, 1-7)
Sachi Itagaki, Shota Murai, Kohta I. Kobayasi

Neural response to stress and perceived stress differ in patients with left temporal lobe epilepsy
Read in  Human Brain Mapping (Online 29 April 2019)
Adam M. Goodman, Jane B. Allendorfer, Heidi Heyse, Basia A. Szaflarski, James C. Eliassen, Erik B. Nelson, Judd M. Storrs, Jerzy P. Szaflarski

Differential impact of reward and punishment on functional connectivity after skill learning
Read in  NeuroImage (Volume 189, 1 April 2019, 95-105)
Adam Steel, Edward H. Silson, Charlotte J. Stagg, Chris I. Baker

The influence of age and ASD on verbal fluency networks
Read in  Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders (Online 29 March 2019)
Leslie C. Baxter, Ashley Nespodzany, M.J.M. Walsh, Emily Wood, Christopher J. Smith, B. Blair Braden

Imaging object-scene relations processing in visible and invisible natural scenes
Read in  Scientific Reports (Online 14 March 2019)
Nathan Faivre, Julien Dubois, Naama Schwartz, Liad Mudrik

Decreased alpha-band oscillatory brain activity prior to movement initiated by perception of fatigue sensation
Read in  Scientific Reports (Online 8 March 2019)
Akira Ishii, Takashi Matsuo, Chika Nakamura, Masato Uji, Takahiro Yoshikawa, Yasuyoshi Watanabe

Moving fast, thinking fast: The relations of physical activity levels and bouts to neuroelectric indices of inhibitory control in preadolescents
Read in  Journal of Sport and Health Science (Online 15 February 2019)
Dominika M. Pindus, Eric S. Drollette, Lauren B. Raine, Shih-Chun Kao, Naiman Khan, Daniel R. Westfall, Morgan Hamill, Rebecca Shorin, Emily Calobrisi, Dinesh John, Arthur F. Kramer, Charles H. Hillman

Disruption of Frontal Lobe Neural Synchrony During Cognitive Control by Alcohol Intoxication
Watch in  Journal of Visualized Experiments (144, 6 February 2019)
Ksenija Marinkovic, Lauren E. Beaton, Burke Q. Rosen, Joseph P. Happer, Laura C. Wagner

Rumination related activity in brain networks mediating attentional switching in euthymic bipolar patients
Read in  International Journal of Bipolar Disorders (Online 12 January 2019)
Kallia Apazoglou, Anne-Lise Küng, Paolo Cordera, Jean-Michel Aubry, Alexandre Dayer, Patrik Vuilleumier, Camille Pigue

Representations of time in human frontoparietal cortex
Read in  Communications Biology (1, 233, 21 December 2018)
Masamichi J. Hayashi, Wietske van der Zwaag, Domenica Bueti, Ryota Kanai

The Human Connectome Project 7 Tesla retinotopy dataset: Description and population receptive field analysis
Read in  Journal of Vision (Volume 18, 23. December 2018)
Noah C. Benson, Keith W. Jamison, Michael J. Arcaro, An T. Vu, Matthew F. Glasser, Timothy S. Coalson, David C. Van Essen, Essa Yacoub, Kamil Ugurbil, Jonathan Winawer, Kendrick Kay

Neural Correlates Associated With Novices Correcting Errors in Electricity and Mechanics
Read in   Mind, Brain, and Education (Online December 2018)
Lucian Nenciovici, Lorie‐Marlène Brault Foisy, Geneviève Allaire‐Duquette, Patrice Potvin, Martin Riopel, Steve Masson

Modulation of Motor Learning Capacity by Transcranial Alternating Current Stimulation
Read in  Neuroscience (Volume 391, 1, November 2018, 131-39)
Hisato Sugata, Kazuhiro Yagi, ShogoYazawa, Yasunori Nagase, Kazuhito Tsuruta,Takashi Iedae, Kojiro Matsushita, Masayuki Hara, Kenji Kawakami, Keisuke Kawakami

Impulse response timing differences in BOLD and CBV weighted fMRI
Read in  NeuroImage (Volume 181, 1 November 2018, 292-300)
Jacco Zwart, Petervan Gelderen, Matthew K.Schindler, Pascal Sati, Jiaen Liu, Daniel S.Reich, Jeff H.Duyn

Pairing neutral cues with alcohol intoxication: new findings in executive and attention networks
Read in  Psychopharmacology (Volume 235,9, September 2018, 2725–37)
Brandon G. Oberlin, Mario Dzemidzic, William J.A. Eiler, Claire R. Carron, Christina M. Soeurt, Martin H. Plawecki, Nicholas J. Grahame, Sean J. O’Connor, David A. Kareken

Using Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging to Detect Chronic Fatigue in Patients With Previous Traumatic Brain Injury: Changes Linked to Altered Striato-Thalamic-Cortical Functioning
Read in  Journal of Head Trauma Rehabilitation (Volume 33, 4, July/August 2018, 266–74
Nils Berginström, Peter Nordström, Urban Ekman, Johan Eriksson, Micael Andersson, Lars, Nyberg, Anna Nordström

Effects of vasopressin on neural processing of infant crying in expectant fathers
Read in  Hormones and Behavior (Volume 103, July 2018, Pages 19-27)
SandraThijssen, Anna E.Van 't Veer, Jurriaan Witteman, Willemijn M.Meijer, Marinus H.van IJzendoorn, Marian J.Bakermans-Kranenburg

Neural representation of vowel formants in tonotopic auditory cortex
Read in  NeuroImage (Volume 178, September 2018, 574-82)
Julia M. Fisher, Frederic K. Dick, Deborah F. Levy, Stephen M. Wilson

Temporal evolution of neural activity and connectivity during microsleeps when rested and following sleep restriction
Read in  NeuroImage (Volume 174, 1 July 2018, 263-73)
Govinda R. Poudel, Carrie R. H. Innes, Richard D. Jones

Waiting and working for rewards: Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder is associated with steeper delay discounting linked to amygdala activation, but not with steeper effort discounting
Read in  Cortex (Online 7 June 2018)
Gabry W. Mie, IliMa, Erik deWater, Jan K. Buitelaar, Anouk Scheres

Age differences in the neural response to negative feedback
Read in  Aging, Neuropsychology, and Cognition (Online 21 May 2018)
Holly J. Bowen, Cheryl L. Grady, Julia Spaniol

Human aging reduces the neurobehavioral influence of motivation on episodic memory
Read in  NeuroImage (Volume 171, 1 May 2018, 296-310)
Maiya R.Geddes, Aaron T.Mattfeld, Carlo de los Angeles, Anisha Keshavan,John D.E.Gabrieli

Parietofrontal network upregulation after motor stroke
Read in  NeuroImage: Clinical (Volume 18, 2018, 720-29)
M. Bönstrup, R. Schulz, G. Schön, B. Cheng, J. Feldheim, G. Thomalla, C. Gerloff

Functional magnetic resonance imaging of divergent and convergent thinking in Big-C creativity
Read in  Neuropsychologia (Online 15 February 2018)
Kevin Japard, Susan Bookheimer, Kendra Knudsen, Dara G. Ghahremani, Robert M. Bilder

Coexistence of multiple globin genes conferring protection against nitrosative stress to the Antarctic bacterium Pseudoalteromonas haloplanktis TAC125
Read in  Nitric Oxide (Volume 73, 28 February 2018, 39-51)
Daniela Coppola, Daniela Giordano, Lisa Milazzo, Barry D.Howes, Paolo Ascenzi, Guidodi Prisco, Giulietta Smulevich, Robert K.Poole, Cinzia Verde

Self-Face Recognition Begins to Share Active Region in Right Inferior Parietal Lobule with Proprioceptive Illusion During Adolescence
Read in  Cerebral Cortex (06 February 2018)
Tomoyo Morita, Daisuke N Saito, Midori Ban, Koji Shimada, Yuko Okamoto, Hirotaka Kosaka, Hidehiko Okazawa, Minoru Asada, Eiichi Naito

Spatiotemporal integration of looming visual and tactile stimuli near the face
Read in  Human Brain Mapping (06 February 2018)
Ruey-Song Huang, Ching-fu Chen, Martin I.Sereno

Linked functional network abnormalities during intrinsic and extrinsic activity in schizophrenia as revealed by a data-fusion approach
Read in  NeuroImage: Clinical (Volume 17, 2018, 69-79)
Ryu-ichiro Hashimoto,Takashi Itahashi, Rieko Okada, Sayaka Hasegawa, Masayuki Tani, Nobumasa Kato, Masaru Mimura

Neural signaling of cortisol, childhood emotional abuse, and depression-related memory bias
Read in  Biological Psychiatry: Cognitive Neuroscience and Neuroimaging (Online 22 November 2017)
Heather C. Abercrombie, Carlton P. Frost, Erin C. Walsh, Roxanne M. Hoks, M. Daniela Cornejo, Maggie C. Sampe, Allison E. Gaffey, David T. Plante, Charlotte O. Ladd, Rasmus M. Birn

Influence of ventral tegmental area input on cortico-subcortical networks underlying action control and decision making
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Impaired feedback processing for symbolic reward in individuals with internet game overuse
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Bilateral Rolandic operculum processing underlying heartbeat awareness reflects changes in bodily self-consciousness
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The effects of a mid-task break on the brain connections in healthy participants: A resting-state functional MRI study
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Brain networks of social action-outcome contingency: the role of the ventral striatum in integrating signals from the sensory cortex and medial prefrontal cortex
Read in  Neuroscience Research (online 3 May 2017)
Motofumi Sumiya, Takahiko Koike, Shuntaro Okazaki, Ryo Kitada, Norihiro Sadato

Neural evidence for the intrinsic value of action as motivation for behavior
Read in  Neuroscience (online 8 April 2017)
Naoki Miura, Hiroki C. Tanabeb, Akihiro Sasaki, Tokiko Harad, Norihiro Sadato

Neural mechanisms underlying the reward-related enhancement of motivation when remembering episodic memories with high difficulty
Read in  Human Brain Mapping (online 4 April 2017)
Yayoi Shigemune, Takashi Tsukiura, Rui Nouchi, Toshimune Kambara and Ryuta Kawashima

Sleep deprivation disrupts the contribution of the hippocampus to the formation of novel lexical associations
Read in  Brain & Language (Volume 167, April 2017, 61–71)
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Cortical and subcortical mechanisms of brain-machine interfaces
Read in  Human Brain Mapping (21 March 2017)
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Acute alcohol effects on explicit and implicit motivation to drink alcohol in socially drinking adolescents
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Age-related reduction of BOLD modulation to cognitive difficulty predicts poorer task accuracy and poorer fluid reasoning ability
Read in  NeuroImage (Volume 147, 15 February 2017, 262–271)
Jenny R. Rieck, Karen M. Rodrigue, Maria A. Boylan, Kristen M. Kennedy

Dissociating the Neural Basis of Conceptual Self-Awareness from Perceptual Awareness and Unaware Self-Processing
Read in   Cerebral Cortex (24 January 2017, 1-14)
Pawel Tacikowski, Christopher C. Berger, H. Henrik Ehrsson

Stimulus-Tuned Structure of Correlated fMRI Activity in Human Visual Cortex
Read in   Cerebral Cortex (20 January 2017, 1-20)
Jungwon Ryu, Sang-Hun Lee

Frontoparietal activation during visual conjunction search: Effects of bottom-up guidance and adult age
Read in   Human Brain Mapping (4 January 2017)
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Sleep spindles: a physiological marker of age-related changes in gray matter in brain regions supporting motor skill memory consolidation
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Stuart Fogel, Catherine Vien, Avi Karni, Habib Benali, Julie Carrier, Julien Doyon

Cortical Asymmetries during Hand Laterality Task Vary with Hand Laterality: A fMRI Study in 295 Participants
Read in   Frontiers in Human Neuroscience (6 December 2016)
Emmanuel Mellet, Bernard Mazoyer, Gaelle Leroux, Marc Joliot, Nathalie Tzourio-Mazoyer

Prefrontal Cortex Activity Is Associated with Biobehavioral Components of the Stress Response
Read in   Frontiers in Human Neuroscience (17 November 2016)
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Age-related differences in resolving semantic and phonological competition during receptive language tasks
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Network Connectivity of the Right STS in Three Social Perception Localizers
Read in   Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience (Available online October 19, 2016)
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Age-related differences in practice-dependent resting-state functional connectivity related to motor sequence learning
Read in   Human Brain Mapping (Available online October 11, 2016)
Alison Mary, Vincent Wens, Marc Op de Beeck, Rachel Leproult, Xavier De Tiège, Philippe Peigneux

Subthalamic nucleus stimulation effects on single and combined task performance in Parkinson’s disease patients: a PET study
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Journal of Psychopharmacology Cyril Atkinson-Clement, Audrey Maillet, Didier LeBars, Franck Lavenne, Jérôme Redouté, Alexandre Krainik, Pierre Pollak, Stéphane Thobois, Serge Pinto

Lateral and medial prefrontal contributions to emotion generation by semantic elaboration during episodic encoding
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Overlapping effects of age on associative memory and the anterior hippocampus from middle to older age
Read in   Behavioural Brain Research (Volume 317, 15 January 2017, 350-359)
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Neural mechanisms of human temporal fear conditioning
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Resting-state Functional Connectivity is an Age-dependent Predictor of Motor Learning Abilities
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Altered reward expectancy in individuals with recent methamphetamine dependence
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Motor and mental training in older people: Transfer, interference, and associated functional neural responses
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Neural Correlates of Fear of Movement in Patients with Chronic Low Back Pain vs. Pain-Free Individuals
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Michael L. Meier, Philipp Stämpfli, Andrea Vrana, Barry K. Humphreys, Erich Seifritz, Sabina Hotz-Boendermaker

Motor sequence learning in the elderly: differential activity patterns as a function of hand modality
Read in   Brain Imaging and Behavior (Available online July 21, 2016)
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Expectancy Influences on Attention to Threat Are Only Weak and Transient: Behavioral and Physiological Evidence
Read in   Biological Psychology (Available online July 7, 2016)
Tatjana Auea, Léa A.S. Chauvigné, Mirko Bristle, Hadas Okon-Singer, Raphaël Guex

Facing mixed emotions: Analytic and holistic perception of facial emotion expressions engages separate brain networks
Read in   NeuroImage (Available online July 5, 2016)
Emilie Meaux, Patrik Vuilleumier

Neural correlates of mindful self-awareness in mindfulness meditators and meditation-naïve subjects revisited
Read in   Biological Psychology (Available online July 1, 2016)
J. Lutz, A.B. Brühl, H. Scheerer, L. Jäncke, U. Herwig

Responses in early visual areas to contour integration are context dependent
Read in   Journal of Vision (Volume 16, 8, June 2016, 19)
Cheng Qiu, Philip C. Burton, Daniel Kersten, Cheryl A. Olman

Modulating Rest-break Length Induces Differential Recruitment of Automatic and Controlled Attentional Processes upon Task Reengagement
Read in  NeuroImage (Volume 134, 1, July 2016, 64–73)
Julian Lim, James Teng, Kian Foong Wong, Michael W.L. Chee

Behavioral and Neuroimaging Changes after Naming Therapy for Semantic Variant Primary Progressive Aphasia
Read in  Neuropsychologia (Available online June 11, 2016)
Regina Jokel, Aneta Kielar, Nicole D. Anderson, Sandra E. Black, Elizabeth Rochon, Simon Graham, Morris Freedman, David F. Tang-Wai

Modulation of Auditory Spatial Attention by Angry Prosody: An fMRI Auditory Dot-Probe Study
Read in Frontiers in Ne (online May 12, 2016)
Leonardo Ceravolo, Sascha Frühholz, Didier Grandjean

Dorsal Premotor Activity and Connectivity Relate to Action Selection Performance after Stroke
Read in  Human Brain Mapping (Volume 37, Issue 5, May 2016, 1816–30)
Jill Campbell Stewart, Pritha Dewanjee, Umar Shariff, Steven C. Cramer

Examining Hippocampal Function in Schizophrenia Using a Virtual Reality Spatial Navigation Task
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A Brain Stress Test: Cerebral Perfusion During Memory Encoding in Mild Cognitive Impairment
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Long Xie, Sudipto Dolui, Sandhitsu R. Das, Grace E. Stockbower, Molly Daffner, Hengyi Rao, Paul A. Yushkevich, John A. Detre, David A. Wolk

Neural Mechanisms to Predict Subjective Level of Fatigue in the Future: A Magnetoencephalography Study
Read in  Scientific Reports 6 (Article number: 25097, 2016)
Akira Ishii, Masaaki Tanaka, Yasuyoshi Watanabe

Anxiety Patients Show Reduced Working Memory Related DLPFC Activation during Safety and Threat
Read in  Depression and Anxiety (early view online April 2016)
Nicholas L. Balderston, Katherine E. Vytal, Katherine O'Connell, Salvatore Torrisi, Allison Letkiewicz, Monique Ernst, Christian Grillon

Dissociating the Neural Correlates of Tactile Temporal Order and Simultaneity Judgements
Read in  Scientific Reports 6 (Article number: 23323, 2016)
Makoto Miyazaki, Hiroshi Kadota, Kozue S. Matsuzaki, Shigeki Takeuchi, Hirofumi Sekiguchi, Takuo Aoyama & Takanori Kochiyama

Dorsal Anterior Cingulate, Medial Superior Frontal Cortex, and Anterior Insula Show Performance Reporting-Related Late Task Control Signals
Read in  Cerebral Cortex (early view online 2016)
Maital Neta, Steven M. Nelson and Steven E. Petersen

Intelligence and Extraversion in the Neural Evaluation of Delayed Rewards
Read in  Journal of Research in Personality (Volume 61, April 2016, 99–108)
Claudia Civaia,Daniel R. Hawes, Colin G. DeYoung, Aldo Rustichini

Dorsal Premotor Activity and Connectivity Relate to Action Selection Performance after Stroke
Read in  Human Brain Mapping (Volume 37, Issue 5, May 2016, 1816–30)
Jill Campbell Stewart, Pritha Dewanjee, Umar Shariff, Steven C. Cramer

Polygraphy and Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Lie Detection: A Controlled Blind Comparison Using the Concealed Information Test
Read in  Journal of Clinical Psychiatry (2016)
Daniel D. Langleben, Jonathan G. Hakun, David Seelig, An-Li Wang, Kosha Ruparel, Warren B. Bilker, Ruben C. Gur

On 08/15/2016 10:40 AM, Ben Dugan wrote: Tracking the Relationship Between Children’s Aerobic Fitness and Cognitive Control
Read in  Health Psychology (April 18, 2016)
Mark R. Scudder, Eric S. Drollette, Amanda N. Szabo-Reed, Kate Lambourne, Cameron I. Fenton, Joseph E. Donnelly, Charles H. Hillman,

Competing against a familiar friend: Interactive mechanism of the temporo-parietal junction with the reward-related regions during episodic encoding
Read in  NeuroImage (Volume 130, 15 April 2016, 261–72)
Hikaru Sugimoto, Yayoi Shigemune, Takashi Tsukiura

Stimulus-dependent amygdala involvement in affective theory of mind generation
Read in   NeuroImage (Volume 129, 1 April 2016, 450–59)
Mike M. Schmitgen, Henrik Walter, Sarah Drost, Sarah Rückl, Knut Schnell

Effects of empathic social responses on the emotions of the recipient
Read in   Brain and Cognition (Volume 103, March 2016, 50–61)
Maria Seehausena, Philipp Kazzera, Malek Bajbouja, Hauke R. Heekerena, Arthur M. Jacobsa, Gisela Klann-Deliusa, Winfried Menninghausa, Kristin Prehna

Mesolimbic confidence signals guide perceptual learning in the absence of external feedback
Read in  eLife (March 29, 2016)
Matthias Guggenmos, Gregor Wilbertz, Martin N Hebart, Philipp Sterzer

Gender Differences in Verbal and Visuospatial Working Memory Performance and Networks
Read in   Neuropsychobiology (Volume 73, No. 1, March 2016)
D. Zilles, M. Lewandowski, H.Vieker, I. Henseler, E. Diekhof, T. Melcher, M.Keil, O. Gruber

Enhanced Effective Connectivity Between Primary Motor Cortex and Intraparietal Sulcus in Well-Recovered Stroke Patients
Read in   Stroke (February 2016, Volume 47, 2)
Robert Schulz, Anika Buchholz, Benedikt M. Frey, Marlene Bönstrup, Bastian Cheng, Götz Thomalla, Friedhelm C. Hummel, Christian Gerloff

Involvement of the Ventrolateral Prefrontal Cortex in Learning Others’ Bad Reputations and Indelible Distrust
Read in   Frontiers in Human Neuroscience (February 4, 2016, Volume 10, 28)
Atsunobu Suzuki, Yuichi Ito, Sachiko Kiyama, Mitsunobu Kunimi, Hideki Ohira, Jun Kawaguchi, Hiroki C. Tanabe,Toshiharu Nakai

Retinotopic Encoding of the Ternus-Pikler Display Reflected in the Early Visual Areas
Read in  Journal of Vision (February 2016, Volume 16, 26)
Evelina Thunell, Wietske van der Zwaag, Haluk Öǧmen, Gijs Plomp, Michael H. Herzog

BIL&GIN: A neuroimaging, cognitive, behavioral, and genetic database for the study of human brain lateralization
Read in  NeuroImage (Volume 124, Part B, 1 January 2016, 1225–31)
B. Mazoyer, E. Mellet, G. Perchey, L. Zago, F. Crivello, G. Jobard, N. Delcroix, M. Vigneau, G. Leroux, L. Petit, M. Joliot, N. Tzourio-Mazoyer

Dynamic causal modelling of EEG and fMRI to characterize network architectures in a simple motor task
Read in  NeuroImage (Volume 124, Part A, 1 January 2016, 498–508)
Marlene Bönstrup, Robert Schulz, Jan Feldheim, Friedhelm C. Hummel, Christian Gerloff

Seeing Biological Actions in 3D: An fMRI Study
Read in  Human Brain Mapping (Volume 37, Issue 1, January 2016, 203-19)
Jan Jastorff, Rouhollah O. Abdollahi, Fabrizio Fasano, Guy A. Orban

Asymmetric Weighting to Optimize Regional Sensitivity in Combined fMRI-MEG Maps
Read in   Brain Topography (January 2016, Volume 29, Issue 1, 1-12)
Sean R. McWhinney, Timothy Bardouille, Ryan C. N. D’Arcy, Aaron J. Newman

Associations Between Physical Fitness Indices and Working Memory in Breast Cancer Survivors and Age-Matched Controls
Read in   Journal of Women's Health (January 15, 2016, Volume 25, Issue 1)
Michael J. Mackenzie, Krystle E. Zuniga, Lauren B. Raine, Elizabeth A. Awick, Charles H. Hillman, Arthur F. Kramer, Edward McAuley

More Publications

The Flavohemoglobin of Escherichia coli Confers Resistance to a Nitrosating Agent, a “Nitric Oxide Releaser,” and Paraquat and Is Essential for Transcriptional Responses to Oxidative Stress
Read in   The Journal of Biological Chemistry (January 8, 1999, Volume 274, 748-54)
Jorge Membrillo-Hernández, Malini D. Coopamah, Muna F. Anjum, Tania M. Stevanin, Andrew Kelly, Martin N. Hughes, Robert K. Poole

An fMRI Study of Facial Emotion Processing in Patients with Schizophrenia
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Raquel E. Gur, Claire McGrath, Robin M. Chan, Lee Schroeder, Travis Turner, Bruce I. Turetsky, Christian Kohler, David Alsop, Joseph Maldjian, J. Daniel Ragland, Ruben C. Gur

Decreased Cerebral Activation during CPT Performance: Structural and Functional Deficits in Schizophrenic Patients
Read in   NeuroImage (Volume 21, Issue 3, March 2004, 840–47)
Pilar Salgado-Pineda, Carme Junqué, Pere Vendrell, Immaculada Baeza, Nuria Bargalló, Carles Falcón, Miquel Bernardo

Attentional Systems in Target and Distractor Processing: A Combined ERP and fMRI Study
Read in   NeuroImage (Volume 22, Issue 2, June 2004, 530–40)
Christoph Bledowski, 1, David Prvulovic, Rainer Goebel, Friedhelm E Zanella, David E.J Linden

Negative Correlation between Right Prefrontal Activity during Response Inhibition and Impulsiveness: A fMRI Study
Read in   European Archives of Psychiatry and Clinical Neuroscience (August 2004, Volume 254, Issue 4, 245-51)
Sh. Asahi, Y. Okamoto, G. Okada, Sh. Yamawaki , N. Yokota

Multi-Step Fibrinogen Binding to the Integrin αIIbβ3 Detected Using Force Spectroscopy
Read in   Biophysical Journal (October 2005, Volume 89, Issue 4, 2824–34)
Rustem I. Litvinov, Joel S. Bennett, John W. Weisel, Henry Shuman

Force Generation in Single Conventional Actomyosin Complexes under High Dynamic Load
Read in   Biophysical Journal (February 15, 2006, Volume 90, Issue 4, 1295–307)
Yasuharu Takagi, Earl E. Homsher, Yale E. Goldman, Henry Shuman

Decreased Cortical Activation in Response to a Motion Stimulus in Anisometropic Amblyopic Eyes using Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Read in   Journal of American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus (December 2006, Volume 10, Issue 6, 540–46)
Gabrielle R. Bonhomme, Grant T. Liu, Atsushi Miki, Ellie Francis, M.-C. Dobre, Edward J. Modestino, David O. Aleman, John C. Haselgrove

Avoiding Another Mistake: Error and Posterror Neural Activity Associated with Adaptive Posterror Behavior Change
Read in   Cognitive, Affective, & Behavioral Neuroscience (December 2007, Volume 7, Issue 4, 317-26)
Robert Hester, Natalie Barre, Jason B. Mattingley, John J. Foxe, Hugh Garavan

Touch, Sound and Vision in Human Superior Temporal Sulcus
Read in   NeuroImage (Volume 41, Issue 3, 1 July 2008, 1011–20)
Michael S. Beauchamp, Nafi E. Yasara, Richard E. Frye, Tony Ro

Developmental Increase in Top–Down and Bottom–Up Processing in a Phonological Task: An Effective Connectivity, fMRI Study
Read in   Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience (June 2009, Vol. 21, No. 6, 1135-45)
Tali Bitan, Jimmy Cheon, Dong Lu, Douglas D. Burman, James R. Booth

Cognitive Inflexibility and Frontal-Cortical Activation in Pediatric Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
Read in   Journal of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry (Volume 49, Issue 9, September 2010, 944–53)
Jennifer C. Britton, Scott L. Rauch, Isabelle M. Rosso, William D.S. Killgore, Lauren M. Price, Jennifer Ragan, Anne Chosak, Dianne M. Hezel, Daniel S. Pine, Ellen Leibenluft, David L. Pauls, Michael A. Jenike, S. Evelyn Stewart

Smoking Withdrawal Is Associated with Increases in Brain Activation during Decision Making and Reward Anticipation: A Preliminary Study
Read in   Psychopharmacology (January 2012, Volume 219, Issue 2, 563-73)
Merideth A. Addicott, David A. A. Baranger, Rachel V. Kozink, Moria J. Smoski, Gabriel S. Dichter, F. Joseph McClernon

A 7T fMRI Study of Cerebellar Activation in Sequential Finger Movement Tasks
Read in   Experimental Brain Research (July 2013, Volume 228, Issue 2, 243-54)
M. R. Stefanescu, M. Thürling, S. Maderwald, T. Wiestler, M. E. Ladd, J. Diedrichsen, D. Timmann

Functionally-Detected Cognitive Impairment in High School Football Players without Clinically-Diagnosed Concussion
Read in   Journal of Neurotrauma (February 2014, Volume 31, Issue 4, 327-38)
Thomas M. Talavage, Eric A. Nauman, Evan L. Breedlove, Umit Yoruk, Anne E. Dye, Katherine E. Morigaki, Henry Feuer, and Larry J. Leverenz

Increased Brain Activity to Unpleasant Stimuli in Individuals with the 7R Allele of the DRD4 Gene
Read in   Psychiatry Research: Neuroimaging (Volume 231, Issue 1, 30 January 2015, 58–63)
Jean-G. Gehrickea, James M. Swanson, Sophie Duong, Jenny Nguyen, Timothy L. Wigal, James Fallon, Cyrus Caburian, Lutfi Tugan Muftuler, Robert K. Moyzis

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