fORP Components

8 response devices


Response Devices


Button Boxes and Key Pads

Joysticks, Trackballs and Variable Devices


932 interface



FIU-905, FIU-932 and Birch interfaces


fiber optic bundle


Fiber Optic Bundles

Bundle Extensions available is four standard lengths: 10m (32 ft), 17m (55 ft), 25m (80 ft), and 31m (100 ft)





Computer cables and power supplies.


non-MR Trainers


non-MR Trainers

Electrical copies of the standard button boxes for use in Mock Scanners and for training subjects.


Custom Handhelds


Custom Handhelds

Custom Handheld Devices including sliders, dials, pedals and special button boxes.


Legacy Interface


Legacy fORPs

Legacy fORP Systems including interfaces and response devices.


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