Repairs and Upgrades

If you have a broken item and want to return it for repair, please use a RP-1 for items purchased less than a year ago. For handheld devices purchased more than a year ago, please use the Handheld Repair item and select the type of device. If you are unsure which repair option applies to your device, please contact for assistance.

Age limit

Please note: we only repair or upgrade devices less than 8 years old. See Ordering Info.

To arrange for a repair

    1. Please order it online.
    2. Enter the serial number as directed when placing the order.
    3. Return the equipment to:

      Current Designs Inc.
      Repairs Department
      3950 Haverford Ave.
      Philadelphia PA 19104 US
      T: 215 387-5456
    4. Please email tracking information for the shipment to Sales

You should receive an email confirmation of the order after a few minutes. Please use the order number as an RMA and include it somewhere on the outside of the return package.

When we receive your package we will evaluate it and contact you if we determine the repair will cost more than the order you placed. We won't charge you extra without first getting your approval.

Shipping charges:

For Warranty Repairs: We ask that you pay the shipping costs to return the equipment to us. We will pay the charges to return it to you after the repair if the device is under warranty. This is explained in our warranty page on this web site. If your device is under warranty, please select the "Free- (or No-) Shipping" method of shipping in the checkout process. For out-of-warranty repairs, please choose domestic ground or expedited shipping, or international service.

Repair time frame:

Returned items are usually in our offices for repair for 3 to 5 days. This is usually enough time for good diagnosis, repair, and re-testing before returning the repaired equipment to you. In more complicated cases we will contact you to discuss what is going on and, potentially, to ask for your approval to go ahead.


Note: one of the most common delays arises from incomplete shipping addresses. Please be sure to provide a very clear address, including a contact phone number and email address, for the return shipment to avoid delays.

Repair warranty:

Repaired items are warranted for an additional six months following the repair, unless we find that the item is repeatedly broken from abusive handling.

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  1. Handheld Repair
    Handheld Repair
    Out of warranty repair of an optical or trainer response device Learn More
  2. Repair 1
    Repair 1
    Under warranty or zero-charge repair of a handheld device or an interface unit Learn More
  3. 932 Upgrade - Return and Repair
    932 Upgrade - Return and Repair
    932 Interface Unit upgrade
    Return and Repair

    We receive, repair, and return your interface

    • display replacement
    • circuit upgrades
    • firmware updates

    Learn More
  4. 932 Upgrade - Reconditioned Replacement
    932 Upgrade - Reconditioned Replacement
    932 Interface Unit upgrade
    Reconditioned Replacement
    Swap your interface for a replacement

    • display replacement
    • circuit upgrades
    • firmware updates

    Learn More

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