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These are some recent publications referencing Current Designs' response devices.


Neural mechanisms underlying concurrent listening of simultaneous speech
Read in  Brain Research (Volume 1738, July 2020, 146821)
NatashaYuriko Santos KawataaTeruoHashimotobRyutaKawashima
The neural bases of cognitive emotion regulation: The roles of strategy and intensity
Read in   Cognitive, Affective, & Behavioral Neuroscience (Volume 20, April 2020, 387–407)
Craig A. Moodie, Gaurav Suri, Dustin S. Goerlitz, Maria A. Mateen, Gal Sheppes, Kateri McRae, Shreya Lakhan-Pal, Ravi Thiruchselvam, James J. Gross
Effects of galvanic vestibular stimulation on resting state brain activity in patients with bilateral vestibulopathy
Read in  Human Brain Mapping (Volume 41, 2020, 2527-2547)
Christoph Helmchen, Björn Machner, Matthias Rother, Peer Spliethoff, Martin Göttlich, Andreas Sprenger
Quantitative models reveal the organization of diverse cognitive functions in the brain
Read in  Nature Communications (Volume 11, March 2020, article 1142)
Tomoya Nakai, Shinji Nishimoto

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