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In search of a naturalistic neuroimaging approach: Exploration of general feasibility through the case of VR-fMRI and application in the domain of episodic memory
Read in   Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews (Volume 133, February 2022, 104499)
Diane Lenormand,Pascale Piolino

Acute exercise effects on inhibitory control and the pupillary response in young adults
Read in   International Journal of Psychophysiology (Volume 170, December 2021, 218-28)
Tatsuya T. Shigeta, Timothy P. Morris, Donovan H. Henry, Aaron Kucyi, Peter Bex, Arthur F. Kramer, Charles H. Hillman

Sensitivity limitations of high-resolution perfusion-based human fMRI at 7 Tesla
Read in   Magnetic Resonance Imaging (Volume 84, December 2021, 135-44)
Jacco A. de Zwart, Peter van Gelderen, Jeff H. Duyn

Differential effects of long-term aerobic versus cognitively-engaging physical activity on children’s visuospatial working memory related brain activation: A cluster RCT
Read in   Brain and Cognition (Volume 155, December 2021, 105812)
A.G.M. de Bruijn, I. M. J. van der Fels, R. J. Renken, M. Königs, A. Meijer, J. Oosterlaan, D. D. N. M. Kostons, C. Visscher, R. J. Bosker, J. Smith, E. Hartman

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