Computer Response Devices for fMRI and MEG

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Recent publications referencing Current Designs' response devices.


Multi-session tDCS paired with passive mobilisation of the thumb modulates thalamo-cortical coupling during command following in the healthy brain
Read in   NeuroImage (Volume 274, 1 July 2023) 120145
Davide Aloi, Roya Jalali, Sara Calzolari, Melanie Lafanechere, R. Chris Miall, Davinia Fernández-Espejo

Nicotine dependence and insula subregions: functional connectivity and cue-induced activation
Read in   Neuropsychopharmacology (Volume 48, May 2023), 936-45.
Dara G. Ghahremani, Jean-Baptiste F. Pochon, Maylen Perez Diaz, Rachel F. Tyndale, Andy C. Dea, Edythe D. London

An event-based magnetoencephalography study of simulated driving: Establishing a novel paradigm to probe the dynamic interplay of executive and motor function
Read in   Human Brain Mapping (Volume 44, 5, April 1, 2023) 2109-21)
Elizabeth A. Walshe, Timothy P. L. Roberts, Chelsea Ward McIntosh, Flaura K. Winston, Dan Romer, William Gaetz

Early motor skill acquisition in healthy older adults: brain correlates of the learning process
Read in   Cerebral Cortex (14 March 2023)
Manon Durand-Ruel, Chang-hyun Park, Maëva Moyne, Pablo Maceira-Elvira, Takuya Morishita, Friedhelm C Hummel

Anhedonia in Relation to Reward and Effort Learning in Young People with Depression Symptoms
Read in   Brain Sciences (Volume 13:2 February 2023), 341.
Anna-Lena Frey, M. Siyabend Kaya, Irina Adeniyi, Ciara McCabe

How songs from growing up and viewers' attachment styles affect video ads' effectiveness
Read in   Psychology & Marketing (Volume 40,1, January 2023) 209-33.
Carlos J. S. Lourenço, Giuliana Isabella, Willem Verbeke, Khoi Vo, Angelika Dimoka, Richard P. Bagozzi

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