New Products

New Products
New products including a drum fiber optic response device, a more accurate pressure squeeze ball, the redesigned bundle extension, and our latest interface.

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  1. Optical Drum Pad- Preliminary
    Optical Drum Pad- Preliminary

    Single optical drum pad

    For the 905 interfaces

    All plastic construction Learn More
  2. PRESSI-USB - Preliminary
    PRESSI-USB - Preliminary

    Measure grip pressure with a comfortable squeeze bulb directly over USB

    Highly accurate

    Very easy to use

    Learn More
  3. Bundle Extension
    Bundle Extension
    Smooth-jacketed fiber optic bundle extension.
    Both robust and flexible.
    Easily cleaned and more compact.
    12-fibers, works with all interfaces and response devices.
    4 standard lengths available Learn More
  4. Birch Interface
    Birch Optical Interface Unit

    Powerful drop-in replacement for FIU-932

    Use with all existing response devices

    Duplicate time-stamped record of subject responses

    Compact, mountable, touch screen form factor

    Learn More

4 Items

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