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Questions to consider for new customers:

  • What tasks will be performed with the response system?
    For example, will the subject be answering yes/no questions, choosing among several menu items, navigating a maze, or moving items around to complete a pattern? Once this is clarified, it should be easy to identify which device would work best.
  • Does the scanner facility require an extra long bundle?
    The standard length is 17m (55 ft). We also offer 10m (32 ft), 25m (80 ft), and 31m (100 ft) lengths.
  • Which computer output is required by the stimulus recording software?
    Usually USB is fine, but in some cases a serial or parallel output is required.
  • Will the research needs change in the next year or two?
    If you will need more than 4 buttons or a pointing device in the next year or two, it might make more sense to choose the FIU-932 now and purchase the additional response devices later.

There are 3 major components to a system (the handheld device or devices, the fiber optic bundle, and the interface unit), and a few smaller items. How to choose each is covered here:

Response Device

There are more than 30 standard handheld devices and many more custom options available as part of the fORP system. Choose the handheld device or devices that best meet the tasks. If 5 or fewer buttons are needed, the PKG-BSC offers a low-cost, easy-to-use system.

Fiber Optic Bundle

There are four bundle lengths: BE-10m (32 ft), BE-17 m (55 ft), BE-25m (80 ft and BE-31m (100 ft) lengths. The standard bundle length, 17m (55 feet), is usually sufficient. For some research facilities, a longer bundle is needed to reach from the control computer to the scanner. Choose the 25m (80 ft) or 31m (100 ft) bundle only if required.

Note: The Bundle Extensions (BE-XX) work with all response devices and are interchangeable with the BNSC-12-XX bundles, and have the same connectors.

Electronic Interface

There are three interface units to choose from: FIU-905, FIU-932, and the BIRCH-OIU. The FIU-932 is the standard interface and works with all the response devices. It offers a full range of computer outputs including USB, serial, parallel and many custom options. The FIU-905, a low-cost option for researchers using USB and 5 buttons or fewer. It is available in the PKG-BSC. 

The BIRCH-OIU (Birch Optical Interface Unit) is a more advanced version of the 932 interface with many new features and capabilities. An easy-to-read touchscreen displays responses as they happen and simplifies mode selection. It is compatible with all or our response devices.

fORP Packages

Use either the PKG-ADV or, if 5 or fewer buttons are needed, the PKG-BSC when ordering a response device, bundle extension and interface together. The fORP packages are discounted and simplify ordering complete systems, helping one choose from among the required and optional items. For more information on individual items, use the fORP Components menu.

Additional Items

Additional items which may be needed include a power supply and computer cables. The FIU-932 power supply comes with US/Japan, EU, UK and Australian plug adapters and is CE Marked. We offer a variety of cables including computer cables for using USB, Serial and Parallel outputs, as well a BNC to SMB adapter cable for the TTL trigger-in. The FIU-905 runs off the USB, so no power supply is needed. The USB cable is included in the PKG-BSC, and PKG-ADV.

Optional Items

Optional items include the trainer response pads which are electrical copies of the fiber optic response pads. While they look and feel exactly like the all-plastic devices, the trainers contain metal and electronic components, so are not magnet safe. They offer a less expensive way to train subjects outside the scanner.

Please contact us with any additional questions you have:

Phone: 215 387-5456

Packages Simplify Ordering

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  1. Package 905
    Basic Package

    From $3,334.50 Regular Price $3,705.00

    To $5,673.60 Regular Price $6,304.00

    Use the PKG-BSC for a 10% discount on a complete system.

    Includes the FIU-905, USB cable, and the removable fiber optic bundle, along with a response pad of your choice.

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  2. Package 932
    Advanced Package

    From $4,306.50 Regular Price $4,785.00

    To $18,210.60 Regular Price $20,234.00

    Use the PKG-ADV for a 10% discount on a complete system.

    Select FIU-932 or BIRCH-OIU as well as response devices

    Versatile, adaptive, and robust system for fMRI subject response.

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  3. Package 904 ABCD
    Package ABCD

    From $661.50 Regular Price $945.00

    To $730.80 Regular Price $1,044.00

    Out of stock

    Use the PKG-BSC for a 10% discount on a complete system.

    Includes the computer interface, USB cable, and fiber optic bundle extension, along with the two button response pad

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