Legacy fORPs

The FIU-004/005 interface and handhelds began production in 2003 with the circular optical connector. The 8 position program switch allowed for many program options on all three output connectors (Serial, USB, Parallel). It was a big improvement over the fragile small fiber optic bundle with hand-built optical d-connector. Handhelds could have up to 8 buttons and the joystick and trackball were developed for variable optical output.

We have no immediate plans to stop selling and supporting the FIU-005 interface. However we encourage existing customers to begin updating their interfaces and handheld devices when purchasing new equipment. New customers should purchase the 900 series equipment introduced in 2009 because it has many new features which will allow the equipment to work well for years to come.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are planning on purchasing a new Legacy hand-held device for use with an existing FIU-005 interface, you will need to send us your FIU-005 interface for optical calibration. This process ensures that all your equipment functions properly as a unit.

For more technical information see the FIU-005 Manual.

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  1. Legacy fORP Interface

    FIU-005 Interface was the response system interface from 2003 to 2008 and works with all handhelds manufactured during this time. Learn More
  2. Legacy Cable Serial

    Serial Cable for FIU-005 Learn More
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    Parallel Cable for FIU-005 Learn More
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    Legacy Cable USB


    USB Cable for FIU-005 Learn More
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    9V unregulated power supply for 100-120 VAC use Learn More
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    9V unregulated power supply for 220 VAC use Learn More

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