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Compact, 2-axis Fiber Optic Joystick
Smaller, lighter joystick alternative
Ballistic and fine finger movements
For computer research tasks in fMRI and MEG
All plastic construction
This recent addition to our product line combines a compact, 2-axis joystick with a high quality return-to-zero mechanism. Ballistic and fine finger movements can be recorded accurately with low force requirements and high responsiveness. The short shaft can be controlled well with a fingertip or thumb alone with very little or no movement of the wrist and arm. We developed this in response to customer requests for an smaller, lighter alternative to the Tethyx joystick (which is still often the better choice for VR navigation tasks, especially those requiring thumb or finger button activations) for motor neurophysiology tasks.

It is compact enough to be held in one hand for thumb use, rested on the leg, or positioned next to the leg. Threaded holes on the underside can be used for mounting to a fixture (and have been used to hold a pair of these for bimanual use.)

Coming soon: A less expensive, non-MR trainer for this response pad for use outside the magnet room.


• Handheld for the 932 and 904 interfaces
• 2.6" (66 mm) outer diameter base
• 0.27" (6.9 mm) shaft diameter
• 2.1" (53 mm) overall height
• +/- 20 degree motion in two axes
• Available with circular, square, or linear range limits
• 10 ft (3 m) long fiber pigtailed connector
• Automatic optical identification by 900 series interface units
• Contains no metal, nothing magnetic, and no electronics: 100% MR compatible
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