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Protective effect of aerobic fitness on the detrimental influence of exhaustive exercise on information processing capacity Author links open overlay panel
Read in   Psychology of Sport and Exercise (Volume 64, January 2023, 102301)
Chun-Hao Wang, Nicholas Baumgartner, Christian Nagy, Hao-Lun Fu, Cheng-Ta Yang, Shih-Chun Kao

Similarity in activity and laterality patterns in the angular gyrus during autobiographical memory retrieval and self-referential processing
Read in   Brain Structure and Function (Volume 228, 2023, 219–38)
Tamar Mizrahi, Vadim Axelrod

Hyperthymic temperament predicts neural responsiveness for monetary reward
Read in  Journal of Affective Disorders (Volume 320, 1 January 2023, 674-81)
Yukiko Ogura, Yumi Wakatsuki, Naoki Hashimoto, Tamaki Miyamoto, Yukiei Nakai, Atsuhito Toyomaki, Yukio Tsuchida, Shin Nakagawa, Takeshi Inoue, Ichiro Kusumi

An fMRI intervention study of creative mathematical reasoning: behavioral and brain effects across different levels of cognitive ability
Read in   Trends in Neuroscience and Education (Volume 29, December 2022, 100193)
Linnea Karlsson Wirebring, Carola Wiklund-Hörnqvist, Sara Stillesjö, Carina Granberg, Johan Lithner, Micael Andersson, Lars Nyberg, Bert Jonsson

Generalizing the control architecture of the lateral prefrontal cortex
Read in   Neurobiology of Learning and Memory (Volume 195, November 2022, 107688)
McKinney Pitts, Derek Evan Nee

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