Bundle Extension-17m

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Smooth-jacketed fiber optic bundle extension.
Both robust and flexible.
Easily cleaned and more compact.
12-fibers, works with all interfaces and response devices.
Any length available from 3 to 35 m (10 to 120 ft).

Introducing a smooth-jacketed fiber optic bundle extension which is both robust and a bit more flexible than the jacketed bundle (BNSC- ). It is more easily cleaned and gives customers the option to custom order any length. Slightly more compact, it is a drop-in replacement for our older fiber optic bundles.

  • 12 fiber optic channels
  • Length is 17 m (55 ft)
  • Connector: 1.56 cm (0.625 in) inches outer diameter
  • Bundle: 5.8 mm (0.23 in) outer diameter
  • 12 fiber bundles work with all response devices and interfaces
  • The fiber optic bundle is used to connect the response device to the electronic interface.
  • Works with all interfaces and response devices

Choose bundle length based on the distance from the control computer to the scanner:

  • 17 m (55 ft.) is the standard length and works in most settings
  • 10 m (32 ft) is a shorter bundle for MEG and other setting where the distance is shorter
  • 25 m (80 ft) is a longer stock bundle
  • 31 m (100 ft) is the longest stock bundle
  • Custom: 3 to 35 meters (10-120 ft). Note the longer bundles may not work with all response devices.
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