Cable - 9 TTL Outputs for the 932

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9 TTL Output Cable for FIU-932


9 TTL Output Cable for FIU-932

This cable provides 9 TTL outputs from P2 (the 36 pin MDR connector) on a coaxial cable and is terminated with 9 BNC connectors.

It is most likely to be useful in MEG settings because MEG systems often have a number of BNC inputs available for simultaneous collection of signals in parallel with the MEG data.

Note about connections

Please be careful to connect these BNC outputs only to ports which are correctly configured as inputs. If you're not sure, please contact us before making connections. Its possible to damage the fORP interface and/or the receiving device if these connections are improperly made.


The BNC connectors are labelled "P1" through "P9".

P1 through P8 correspond to buttons 1 through 8. P9 is for the TTL trigger output.

not magnet safe This device is not for use inside the magnet room: it contains metal and electronic components.
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