Button Top Modification: Cupped Buttons

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Handheld button modification to add cupped tops and double springs.


This is an add-on for the handheld response devices customizing the button tops with cups and adding double springs. The charge is for up to 5 buttons on a single handheld. The 8-button bimanual response pads require two orders, one for each enclosure. * Diameter: 0.625" (1.5 cm) * Indent: 0.05" deep (0.125 cm) * Height: 0.25" (0.625 cm) The caps are a press fit onto the standard buttons which are raised slightly to accommodate the double springs and the extra height of the caps. If you wish to order the modification please check with us first. Usually it is possible to add this feature to the standard button boxes in the rectangular and ergonomic enclosures. The cupped tops and double springs make the buttons work better for a wide range of subjects with limited dexterity and tremors.
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