Fingertip Force/Position sensor

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Measure force and position of the fingertip.

A single button in one of our standard button box form factors, but with a twist: this is not an on/off button but a position sensor with a linear spring, so you can monitor the position of the button continuously as a joystick USB output. Because the spring has a linear force/displacement transfer function the force of the press is known, too. This response device is a good fit for any task in which gradations of response are of interest.

  • Button travel: 0.070" +/- 0.005"
  • Button diameter: 0.42" (1.1 cm)
  • Resting force: 110g +/- 10g
  • Peak force: 230g +/- 10g
  • Enclosure: 5.1" x 2.5" x 1.0" (13 x 6.4 x 2.5 cm)

The resting force is chosen so that an index finger can comfortably rest on it without producing a strong signal while still being detectable. The peak force (at end of button travel) takes a conscious press but can be held for long periods without fatigue.

Suitable tasks include:

  • Single finger motor task
  • Graded or rating responses
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