Optical Game Controller

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Simple and versatile MR-compatible game controller.
We are excited to offer the OGC1 starting in late 2017. Please contact us directly if you are considering buying a game controller for use in an MRI or MEG setting. We are testing the first prototype and making refinements: your input at this stage could be very helpful!


Current Designs' optical game controller OCG1 is the perfect choice for MR-compatible computer response gathering in multi-user MRI settings where task requirements vary widely. It provides 2 analog joysticks, 2 analog finger actuators, and 16 on/off actuators in useful and ergonomic configurations, so researchers can choose combinations that fit their studies well without having to switch hardware. It is non-magnetic, non-electronic, and entirely made out of plastic, so will not add noise to the images or raise safety concerns in the MR/MEG room or similarly demanding environments. Based on an XBox 360 controller housing, but with the internal circuitry is replaced with MR-compatible materials and optical fiber sensing.

Simple and Versatile

* One Device * Many uses


* Full speed USB (12MB/s, 1ms host polling) * Bus powered interface (no power supply needed) * Enumerates as a game controller on Windows and Mac * Can be used with an XBOX using ??? * Fiber bundle length 10 feet to 100 feet (specified at purchase) * Receives TTL and optical triggers
magnet safe This item contains no metal, nothing electronic, and nothing magnetic. It can be used safely in the magnet room.
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