PRESSI-USB - Preliminary

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Measure grip pressure with a comfortable squeeze bulb directly over USB

Highly accurate

Very easy to use


This device is available for beta testing by interested customers. The description here, and the related technical pages on the wiki, are under construction.


This is a complete pressure-to-USB package. It does not require an optical interface unit or optical bundle.

Pressure is sensed through a long pneumatic tube which can be cut to the required length by the user.

The small enclosure labelled PRESSI-USB contains a pressure sensor and USB interfacing circuitry. That is the only metal or electronics in this system. The tubing and squeeze bulb contain no metal, no conductive material, and nothing electronic.

The short lengths of black tubing attached to the PRESSI-USB input and to the blue squeeze bulb are flexible adapters which accept the green tubing. You just push the green tubing into the black tubing to make connections, and you can cut the green tubing to the length that fits your setup. These connections are easy to pull apart later if you need to.


  • 0 - 30 PSI pressure range
  • Supplied with 50' (15m) of pneumatic tubing
  • USB output: enumerates as HID joystick
  • Simple interfacing with python and pygame using examples we provide
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